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Before Details

In this example, the room has minimal details to fix like… wrinkles in the quilts, one room key on the table and some flyer on the bed, finally, the room is too dark. 

After Details

After some changes, the bed looks more comfortable, items were removed and the room is perfect lighted and colorful.

Before Sky Replacement

In this example, the picture looks flat because the cloudy day, also there are some other problems like traffic signs and cracks in the street.

After Sky Replacement

After the sky replacement, the facade of the hotel regained its beauty; items like hanging cables, signals, and cracks in the street were removed.

Before Color Correction

In this example the picture is flat, also some areas are too dark others are too bright, and the background is poor.

After Color Correction

After color correction, the result is spectacular, elements like gardens, towels and are walls are lighted. The sunset on the background is rich and colorful.

Before Retouching

In this example, there are many problems, lens distortion, the point of view, a car parking in front of the subject, a damaged sidewalk and poor colors.

After Retouching

After a complex, work all the subjects are fix… distortion removes, car remove, sidewalk repair,  and sky and wall now are colorful. 

The Best Results Needs

The Best Gears

Our clients demand exceptional results, for the best quality of photographic images and video shooting we renew every 2 years our hardware and software.

We use only the best brands in the industry such as Apple®, Adobe®, Canon®, DJI®, GoPro®, Sony®, Manfrotto®, among others, to guarantee the highest standards of the market.

Where Ever You Need Us


Static DLSR Camera with Lens L Series


4K Camera with Image Stabilizer


Underwater and Sport 4K Camera


4K/Photo/360º Drone* Camera

* We have alliances with pilots certified according to the standards of ICAO, DGAC, RPAS, FAA and many others.

Graphic Design and Retouching

Identity and Branding

Web Development

Pre & Post-Production

Multimedia Presentations

Motion Graphics

We are more than Video and Photography, Just take a look our big catalog of Solutions for Hotels.

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Yes, we can. Our team and knowledge support you in every case scenario, no matters what is your need we have a specialist ready for doing a outstanding job.

PHOTEL® Team has more than 17 years working in the market providing solutions to hotels and tourism companies around the world.

Do you need a logo? A brochure, flyer or banner? Maybe a brand book? A modern, clean and interactive website? An Elegant multimedia presentation for your sales for? Or a Corporate Video?

We are the first agency specializing in tourism and hotels covering 360° interactive, visual and graphics needs. TWA® Costa Rica and New Kingdom® Studios are companies of PHOTEL® Group.

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